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Asian caramel chicken wings

Usin g dark caramel in savoury dishes is common in Asian cooking- it adds depth of flavour and contrasts well with sour and spicy notes Nutrition per serving Calories  391 Carbohydrates  26 Saturated Fat  5 Sugar  25 Protein  28 Fat  19 Fiber  0 Salt  3.2 Ingredients

Crab avocado tostadas

  Use a corn tortilla as a base then top with storecupboard crabmeat, guacamole-style  Mexican dip and  salad     Production      -Takes 10 mins                                             Ingredients

Lemon spaghetti with tuna & broccoli

15 minutes is all you need to whip up this fresh, light and healthy fish pasta with olives, capers and greens   Production :    Prep: 5 mins    Cook: 10 mins    Easy Ingredients: